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Tappeto Sand External

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Tappeto 2 CM is an indoor/outdoor porcelain flooring.‎
The new 2CM Porcelain Stoneware Slabs are ideal for outdoor pavings, including raised pavings.‎ Hard-wearing and resistant to thermal shock, loads and stresses, our 2CM porcelain stoneware is highly suitable for paving terraces and balconies; and also for laying paths in outdoor areas.‎ The perfect alternative to wood and stone that will remain absolutely unchanged over time.‎
All 2CM collections feature the matching 10mm porcelain tiles for indoor use in order to enable the possibility of creating unbroken visual continuity between outdoor and indoor spaces in any residential or commercial space.‎

Exquisite craftsmanship for your home finished with the highest quality.

Two tonalities – Vestige and Sand – have arisen from the creation of this porcelain collection characterized by its modern designs and great variation among pieces.‎ Warm and decorative: rugs have a major influence on the aura of any room and radiate homeliness.‎ This has been our inspiration when designing these unique and exceptional pieces in sizes 100x100cm and 50x100cm which will exude elegance and zest for life anywhere in your home.‎ For floor and wall, Tappeto can be featured in a kitchen, bathroom and living rooms alike.‎ An additional touch of finesse comes in the shape of our décor piece finished in gold and a matching mosaic tile for wet areas.‎  

Size: 50 x 100 cm,

Finish: External, R11 / P5 


Made and designed in Spain