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Cotto Manetti Handmade Tradizionale (Classico)

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Protagonist of the magnificent classical tradition of architecture, from ancient Roman times to this day, several buildings have been built with manually moulded terracotta tiles. At Manetti, this prestigious and now rare artisan procedure is effected by skilled workmen who model the clay with their bare hands using single wooden moulds obtained from splendid originals of the 17 th century. There is no other force or energy, if not that of man, to drive the raw material into the moulds. Following drying, the material is extracted and brick by brick the edges are hand-trimmed with a knife. This “Tradizionale finish” is obtained by following a specific tecnique which consists of spreading out some terracotta powder as well as some sand under the wooden moulds. The result is a very natural and warm light red Terracotta colour. The opaque red colour and the irregularities make each element unique and unrepeatable.