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Glam Colourful

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This stunning decorative slab uses the highest quality production methodologies to deliver a superiorly high graphic surface covering.

A discreet and flowery bouquet.

A dreamy and refined “garden room” with a delicious old-fashioned feel, in which the floral décor tells a story that is both intimate and delicate. It is an invitation to slow down and surround yourself with elegant furnishings and objects connected to ancient practices and timeless rituals.

Size: 50x100cm 3.5mm thick, Part A, B, C, D and E slabs.  


Use water or neutral detergents normally available in stores. For more stubborn spots use any low-alkaline degreaser. Do not use alcohol, acetone, solvents, bleach, ammonia, and highly alkaline or highly acidic products. Do not use abrasive pastes, sponges, or brushes.