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Blade Chrome

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 Warm shades and bright notes for a new laminated porcelain collection inspired by handcrafted metals. oxidation effects created by the passing of time produce 5 vibrant changing colours designed for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The large 100cm x 300cm size is perfect for external facades

Antimicrobial protection guarantees safe and hygienic surfaces thanks to the silver ion shield integrated into the product which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria 


100 x 300cm x 3.5mm

100 x 100cm x 3.5mm

50 x 100cm x 3.5mm

Decors: - (No antimicrobial protection)

Hive      50 x 100cm x 3.5mm, 100 x 300cm x 3.5mm

Katana  50 x 100cm x 3.5mm

Inlay      50 x 100cm x 3.5mm 


 Made and designed in Italy.