Via Maestra

A 'mother' collection that takes inspiration from stone.

The vein patterns that cross the surface of Via Maestra are slight, subtle, shaded marks that create movement, depth and a three dimensional effect. Lighter streaks create a delicate and elegant contrast with the darker sections, drawing the eye into the densest and deepest heart of the material to convey the sense of a path beaten by time.

There is no gap between indoor and outdoor tiles. With Via Maestra it is possible to create a path that perfectly integrates the rooms without adding artificiality, building continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces of the home thanks to traditional thickness surfaces and 20 mm tiles ideal for balconies and terraces but also for swimming pools and gardens.

Antibacterial Surface

Via Maestra is part of PROTECT®, an exclusive collection of high-performance, anti-bacterial flooring and coverings in porcelain stoneware, perfect for a safe, hygienic and protected home.

Installation Solutions

The wide range of formats available creates a rich modular system offering installation solutions that can interpret different spaces with great personality.

Large Formats

Large formats reduce joints, making the surfaces uniform and enhance the details that make every place in the home special.