La Matiere

La Matière is a concrete-effect porcelain collection with Mediterranean warmth and contemporary elegance, available in six freely combinable colours. Trowelling gives the surface a delicately grainy texture that is always soft to the touch. La Matière gives the possibility of creating outdoor pavings that are the direct continuation of indoor ones, enhancing the living project with the most total aesthetic continuity.

Sizes Available (cm):

9mm - 120x120, 60x120, 90x90, 60x60, 30x60 cm + Hexagons 

20mm - 90x90cm

Colours: Talc, Sable, Fibre, Glaise, Poudre, Terrenoire

Finishes: Natural and Grip

Edge: Rectified 

Material: Porcelain

Made and Designed in Italy

Environmentally conscious:

Made with 40% recycled materials

99.9% antibacterial glaze  

Water used in production is 100% recycled

Crude materials are 100% recycled into new production

Fired waste materials are 100% recycled into road bases and substrates for building not going into land fill

Packaging materials are 100% recycled