The inspiration material is hand-made terracotta, with very clearly defined edges and a slightly mottled surface. These distinctive features of traditional ceramics are interpreted with state-of-the-art production technologies to create a versatile series with a decorative spirit, a homage to Sicily and the know-how of its skilled craftsmen. The color assortment, which includes earthy shades – Cotto and Biscotto – and more neutral tones – Avorio and Grigio – presented on a natural surface for the terracotta effect, also embraces the Pizzo and Zucchero decors and the Gelosia 3D structure. The Bianco Glossy finish is ideal for combination with the carpet-style Maiolica decor, available in four graphic variants inspired by Vietri ceramics.

Available in 4 colours, 4 sizes and 2 surfaces 

Made and designed in Italy